Why Buy a Toyota In Your Local Toyota Wreckers Adelaide

Toyota wreckers Adelaide are one of the leading vehicle wrecking yard and auto parts recycling companies in South Australia. City Dismantlers is South Australia’s leading and long-serving auto parts recycling company, delivering a one-stop-shop for all your automotive repairs and maintenance needs. We service Toyota, but we have a huge selection of used, new and vintage spare parts. As a trusted Toyota wrecked in Adelaide, we work closely with you to provide you with the highest quality service and product availability.

Toyota wreckers AdelaideWe are the trusted source for all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. We are committed to providing the best vehicle wreckers in the country. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple oil change or a severe problem with your motor; our technicians will get you on the road again in no time. As with all matters Toyota, we are constantly evaluating our services and looking for the best Toyota wreckers Adelaide for your needs. We can even offer financing to suit your budget needs.

Some of our most popular services include oil changes, transmission and brakes problems, exhaust system and many more. If it’s an emergency, we can certainly help! Our free removal and pickup of your vehicle are available round the clock. As one of the leading car parts recycling companies, we offer free removal and pick up to make your life easier, especially if it’s an emergency.

Toyota also manufactures small-displacement units and transmissions for some models of the Yaris, Celica and Ibiza. If you have this type of car, we can even do a free car removal and inspection for you and other small displacement vehicles such as the SG or S series. As well as the free car removal service, we also offer Japanese style doors, hoods and a free wiring system with all our Japanese brand parts. Japanese cars are generally less expensive than Australian-made cars, and you can even save money on the diagnosis. If you are worried about saving money on the purchase, we can provide all the parts reasonably.

It doesn’t matter which type of Japanese car you have; we can still help. We offer quality service to make your Japanese car last as long as possible. As well as standard onsite diagnosis, we can also provide spare parts, such as headlights, front and rear bumpers, front grille guards and side skirt for free, and an unconditional high-quality guarantee. It gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting the best price on the parts and accessories that are most important to their particular Japanese car.

To find out more about Japanese wreckers in Adelaide, contact us today. We are located in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, Australia, and we are accessible by road and by rail from both the South Australian capital of Adelaide and the Eastern Freeway in Victoria. You can reach us by email, phone or mail, and we will be happy to visit your home or business. Toyota wreckers Adelaide can make your dream of owning a Japanese brand car become a reality.