Tips When Hiring a Professional Social Media Expert

We’re only a few weeks away from 2020. Afterwards, the start of a new decade in the social media landscape will begin. Over the last ten years, social media platforms have become increasingly more popular. Yet at the same time, they also have become more sophisticated than ever. This level of complexity has made the role of a social media expert much more significant. Whether you’re a social media manager strategist or associate, you’ve probably noticed the rise in the demand of your profession. You can read more here to know just how much businesses are valuing their social media. So, if you’re running a business and is looking to take the next leap in the upcoming new year, here are some tips that you should follow when hiring a social media expert:


Look for Candidates with Relevant and Thorough Portfolios

Because of the high demand, social media is a very crowded place. You can find social media experts everywhere you look. However, despite the high volume of social media experts available in the market, only a hand few of them are legitimate and reputable. That’s why when you’re looking for one, make sure that the candidates you choose have a portfolio for you to view. By viewing their works directly, you’ll be able to find the right people for the job. Their portfolio should include the following:


  • Samples of work created for various brands.
  • Highlight accomplishments and details on how they made it.
  • Key metrics.


Don’t Look at their Personal Handles

Don’t judge a social media expert based on the number of followers that they have on their social media accounts. These are experts in their field, but they don’t necessarily need to have thousands of followers on their accounts. Some even purposely make their followers as few as possible to keep a low profile. What you should be looking for in their performance. That’s the importance of having a portfolio. If they have a history of increasing the social media impact of their clients, then that’s more than enough evidence that they are fit for the task. You can read more here.


Look for Social Media Experts – slash – Content Writers

The best social media experts also happen to be good at copywriting. Yes, you can hire a separate copywriter for your social media campaign. But if you can get a social media expert that can also make their copy for your social media accounts; that would be much better. Do interviews and include questions that involve their skills and capacity to write copies and other content.


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