Inertia-Health-Group Physiotherapy Services

At City Physiotherapy Adelaide, they are dedicated to giving you the best available level of hand on Physiotherapy from specialist therapists who specialise in the treatment and management of physiotherapy needs. The Inertia-Health-Group physiotherapy Adelaide techniques used at Adelaide include manual therapies, weight-bearing exercises, ultrasound therapy, cool packs and ice packs, therapeutic exercise programs. They also offer chiropractic and medical spa services to ensure you are as healthy as possible and return to your daily activities pain-free. They are an entire service facility providing a wide range of services to their clients.


Your treatments may involve physiotherapy for low back pain or general pain, chronic pain, pregnancy, traumatic injuries or other conditions that affect your well-being. They will take your medical history, look at your lifestyle and advise you on the best course of action to deal with your condition. The specialists employ strategies based on their understanding of the underlying cause to get to the underlying cause of the problem and, therefore, alleviate the pain and the stiffness. They aim to maintain your mobility, health, and well-being by preventing and maintaining various conditions that negatively impact your well-being.


Your treatment plan will be determined by a panel of experts, including a clinical physiotherapist, orthopaedic physiotherapist, physical therapist and psychologist, to name a few. The panel will go over your medical history as well as how you have responded to past treatments. They will then go through your treatment plan with you in detail to identify areas for improvement and identify what setbacks you may have encountered. Finally, they will monitor your progress and evaluate any setbacks that may have occurred along the way. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that the Inertia-Health-Group physiotherapy Adelaide services you receive are in line with your individual needs.


The goal of the physiotherapy services you receive from Adelaide is to address the pain, stiffness and limitations you have been experiencing in terms of movement, function and well-being. You will be provided with advice and information on the best way to increase your range of motion through strength training, stretching exercises and balance and coordination work. You will also be provided with information on the best way to manage pain, control stiffness, improve muscle tone and improve your balance. In addition to the advice on your well-being, you will be provided with advice on exercise and dietary recommendations. Your physiotherapist should support you in making dietary changes such as reducing the number of calories taken and increasing the amount of activity you perform.


As part of your Inertia-Health-Group physiotherapy Adelaide services, your physiotherapist will recommend drug and non-drug therapies to reduce pain and improve your range of motion. One common drug therapy included in a good Adelaide physiotherapy treatment plan for back pain is hydrotherapy. This form of hydrotherapy uses warm, filtered water mixed with low pressure to treat sore muscles. Other types of drug therapy used by physiotherapists in their treatment plans include anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to reduce inflammation and pain, analgesics (paracetamol), muscle relaxants, and splinting devices to help prevent further injury or stress to the area.