What Is Audiology?

Certified independent audiologists Adelaide from SASHC, sometimes called an audiologist, is an individual who is trained, screened and supervised by an official hearing specialist or medical professional. The certified audiologist will conduct diagnostic procedures to ascertain whether the individual has some hearing impairment or whether the individual’s hearing condition has advanced to where corrective surgical procedures may be needed. Several factors will contribute to an individual’s hearing disability. Audiologists will conduct testing on both adults and children.



The most common problems that will impact an individual’s ability to hear come from damage to the hair cells inside the cochlea. With this specialized training, one can work with cochlear implantation, which assists in addressing hearing loss issues and other types of conditions, such as balance and coordination problems. In addition, some individuals will have hearing loss due to genetics or an illness that affects the auditory nerve. Audiologist training in an independent setting will allow the individual to hone in on the specific needs of each individual.


As with all other healthcare professionals, and audiology technician has to continually keep current with the latest research and diagnostic tests to ensure treatment of patients. Audiologists will conduct a battery of tests, using specialized apparatus, to determine what is causing a patient’s hearing loss. Depending on the severity of the issue, several diagnostic tests might be conducted. When it comes to dealing with complex or chronic cases, independent audiologists Adelaide from SASHC can sometimes recommend complementary therapies and provide treatments for the individual.


An audiologist in Adelaide specializes in treating various issues related to hearing loss. Audiologists will use diagnostic tests to determine if a person has a hearing loss and which specific hearing loss they suffer from. An audiologist in Adelaide is a specialist when it comes to diagnosing and treating hearing issues. Because their job requires them to use their knowledge and skills in conjunction with technology, many independent audiologists Adelaide from SASHC will continue to receive additional education throughout their career. Many will continue to attend refresher courses or certification courses as necessary to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in diagnostic testing and other therapeutic procedures.


To become an independent audiologist in Adelaide, a person must first undergo training to obtain a Doctor of Education (EdD) in the field. This doctorate program will teach students how to evaluate hearing loss and how to carry out specific studies to address specific issues, such as cochlear implants. Qualification in the clinical areas of hearing loss, voice disorders, and audiology are required before one can become certified.