Common Red Flags of Bad Driving Instructors Perth

Finding the right driving instructor is important. You’re not just looking for someone who will teach you how to drive, but this person will also help you get your driver’s license. Fortunately, there are tons of driving instructors Perth that are qualified to be your driving mentor.

Unfortunately, the downside is that there are also bad ones that you need to be wary of. Knowing how to spot the bad ones will prove useful. Not only will you avoid the wrong choice, but you will also find the ideal one faster.

We’re feeling helpful right now, so we’ve put together a list of five common red flags of lousy driving instructors. That way, you can steer clear of them as much as you can. 

Red Flag #1 – No Valid License

driving-instructors-perthOnce you get behind the wheel, your instructor will check for your requirements before starting the lesson. Specifically, he will be looking for your student permit to make sure that you qualify to take the lesson. This moment is also the perfect time for you also to do the same.

Check if your instructor has the appropriate qualifications to teach you. See if they have a driving instructor’s license, as well as a driver’s license. In most cases, the instructor’s qualifications are placed on the front windscreen for you to see. 

If you don’t see any qualifications, request a new instructor that does. At the same time, report the instructor you currently have to inform the driving school for negligence.

Red Flag #2 – Showing Signs of Grumpiness or Ill Temper

Any person who has learned how to drive knows how crucial patience is for the entire process to work. Nothing can knock anyone’s confidence more than a short-tempered driving instructor. The right driving instructors are always patient. No matter how slow a student learns, they will always remain calm and encouraging. 

They won’t show any sign of frustration every time you commit a mistake. The right instructor will even show you how it’s done no matter how many times you make a mistake. With a professional driving instructor, you can focus more on driving safely.

However, if your driving instructor is very irritable and has a short temper, replace them right away. The only thing you’ll get from a grumpy instructor is fear and nervousness when behind the wheel. 

Sign #3 – Not Correcting Your Errors

Learning to drive involves a mixture of constructive criticism and encouragement. In any case, you will always expect feedback from your driving instructor. Otherwise, you won’t know the areas where you’ve made mistakes.

The right driving instructor will always correct his students whenever they make mistakes. If you notice that you did commit an error, yet your instructor isn’t pointing them out, it should be a point of concern that you need to raise. 

Good driving instructors will always give you feedback before, during, and after your driving lessons. Otherwise, you’re better off looking for someone else instead. 

There is a tone of different red flags associated with bad driving instructors Perth. Fortunately, we’re here to help you avoid these people. Make sure you go through the list above and do your research to make sure you know the potential negative signs that every bad instructor possesses.