DIY Gutter Guard System – Should You Use One?

Some homeowners believe that installing a DIY gutter guard for their gutters isn’t exactly necessary but also very expensive, which is why they feel it’s better to invest in a better, more professional product. Installed mesh covers are among the strongest protectors available on the market, and they’re also known to help add to the overall strength of your gutter system. But the big question remains: is it worth spending so much money on something like this? There are some excellent reasons why this might be a smart idea. DIY gutter guard from DIYGutterGuardKitsOnline protection works, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, so there’s no need to break the bank!

There are two main types of DIY gutter protection systems out there. They can either be installed with ladders or with roof covers. Ladders are pretty easy to use, though they do take a while to get used to. When using a ladder, you have to put your hand on the side and pull the string to slowly reach the peak of the ladder, where a mesh cover will be fitted at the top. This doesn’t eliminate the need for a ladder, though.


Roof covers are much safer to install than ladders, as they offer a bit more safety. However, they cost more and take longer to install — but the advantages certainly outweigh the cons. There are a few pros and cons when it comes to DIY foam gutter guard protection systems. For starters, there’s the fact that it costs less than buying a pre-made one. Another pro is that you won’t have to deal with the difficulty of climbing a ladder anymore, freeing up your time to clean your gutters and do other things.

One major con of DIY gutter guard from DIYGutterGuardKitsOnline systems is the amount of work you have to go through to install them. The mesh cover has to be fitted over the open part of your gutters, and then you have to install the mesh into place. It’s not exactly a simple job and requires some work. Plus, the mesh usually needs to be cut to fit in certain areas, such as at the top of the guttering, at the bottom and at the bend where the drain channel joins the downspout. If you’re not that comfortable doing this on your own, you’ll probably want to call in a professional to do this for you since it’s not something that you can fix by yourself.

Also, the diy gutter guard from DIYGutterGuardKitsOnline products doesn’t last as long as you buy from the store. These guards only last for two years before they need to be replaced, after which they should only be used on new gutter surfaces. As far as maintenance goes, there isn’t much. The best part is that these are so easy to use. They hook up to the spigot at the bottom of your gutters, so all you have to do is pull the leaf guard up over your gutters, adjust it to fit, and snap it closed.