What Are Weighted Blankets?

A weighted blanket is essentially a large, bulky blanket used primarily to help reduce stress and improve sleep. At first, weighted blankets were initially used to help people with neurological disabilities, autism, and other psychological illnesses. Now, they’ve become a reasonably mainstream product. Many people use them because they like the way they feel when they use them — though there may also be an element of economics at work here — that is, if you can get your hands on a big, heavy blanket, you’re less likely to need to toss and turn each night.

There are several different kinds of blankets that fall under this category. Still, the two most common ones are either filled with either glass beads or cotton batting. Glass beads are generally filled with lead and mercury. In contrast, cotton batting comprises polyester and acrylic. The difference between these two blankets is that glass beads release toxic gases when they’re broken (they release ammonia and carbon dioxide), whereas cotton batting doesn’t release toxic gas. However, both still create a barrier between you and the bottom of your bed.

calmingblankets-weighted-blanket-australiaA related type of sleep aid that utilises a filler is known as “fiber-filled” blankets. Like their filler-filled counterparts, these blankets have a layer of polyester or acrylic fibers forming a protective barrier between you and the bottom of your bed. However, as a sleep aid, these blankets can cause suffocation if the fillings fail to break apart enough. Additionally, research suggests that long-term exposure to these fiber-filled blankets can alter the brain’s chemical composition, potentially causing or exacerbating adverse side effects such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, and fear during the night.

When it comes to therapeutic uses for the workplace, most researchers agree that the most effective uses happen when the product is being used. To this end, occupational therapy researchers have developed and tested a wide variety of weighted blankets to help blind and deaf individuals who experience motor coordination problems due to age or injury. In clinical trials, patients who had been provided with a battery of tests showed significantly improved reaction times when blindfolded. In one test, researchers attached electrodes to the backs of the test subjects’ hands; the results showed an improvement in the strength of the subject’s grip and the number of objects that he or she could pick up within five minutes.

It is another area where the effectiveness of CalmingBlankets Weighted blanket Australia works is in the home. Bedridden individuals often find themselves unable to get a good night’s sleep due largely to the fact that they are unable to control their body movements while they are resting. The use of specialized wraps, supported by specially fitted pillows, allows many bedridden individuals to regain a measure of mobility and comfort. Unfortunately, most wrappers that come equipped with these specialized pillows are not very comfortable. Because of this, researchers have developed several covers specifically for the purpose of allowing for better body support while a person sleeps.

When it comes to massage therapy, the use of CalmingBlankets Weighted blanket Australia has been proven highly beneficial. Weighted wraps can provide both massage therapy and protection due to the way the blanket is constructed. Originally designed for use as a weight loss aid, these wraps are now commonly used to alleviate neck and back pain, improve mobility of the arms and legs, and treat various health issues such as stress, muscle tension, and chronic fatigue. While most wraps do not include deep pressure stimulation, some of the more expensive versions incorporate this technology for pain relief and promote better circulation. For these reasons, many massage therapists have switched to using weighted blankets over again.