Artificial Grass Adelaide – Should You Consider It?

Artificial grass is a common surface of synthetic fibres designed to appear like authentic natural grass. Generally, it’s most frequently used in sporting venues for which it’s usually either permanently or temporarily installed, including football, baseball and soccer. However, it’s becoming increasingly used in residential environments, chiefly for public sports facilities and even commercial settings. However, artificial turf has had a mixed reception from those knowing about its safety and environmental benefits. Here we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of artificial grass, and if it’s right for you.

One of the main benefits of installing artificial grass Adelaide is that of cost savings. Most lawn service providers will happily cut and lay down the fibres for you (free of charge), cutting and laying them down in specialist holes that will guarantee no damage to your natural grass. Installation and digging are also a much faster process than natural grass since new artificial grass installation requires only a couple of days compared to many years with natural grass planting and maintenance. The blades used for cutting and laying down the artificial grass can also be left fully functioning whilst the edges on natural grass need replacing from time to time.

artificial-grass-adelaideOne of the disadvantages of using artificial grass is that it’s not particularly suitable for most types of climates. So, for example, putting greens and football pitches are generally unsuitable for synthetic grass installations. Also, drainage is a significant consideration in any installation. However, a carefully laid and constructed artificial grass Adelaide deck can usually compensate for these setbacks, particularly compared to similarly constructed natural landscape grass installations.

One major plus of artificial grass installation is that virtually no maintenance is required, unlike real landscape grass. Synthetic turf requires no watering, no fertilising and almost no annual maintenance. So there’s a great deal of money saved on lawn maintenance alone. One significant advantage of installing artificial turf is that installation is quick and simple compared to many other installations, and installation is usually quite inexpensive.

However, synthetic grass products and installations come with several disadvantages for home and business owners. One drawback is that artificial grass can be very messy, and the potential for accidents is significantly increased with its lack of organic materials. Many people also find that while artificial grass Adelaide does a fine job of providing a pristine looking lawn, its unsightly appearance means most people choose to put the lawn on the back burner. Another major disadvantage is that the upkeep of real grass is far more costly than the installation of artificial grass products. Some homeowners may also find that artificial grass products don’t provide the same appeal or natural look as natural grass, particularly compared to the creamy texture and beauty provided by real grass.