Taking Advantage of a Mortgage Broker’s Expertise

Finding the best mortgage deals can be done by using a mortgage broker. These brokers are experts at finding the most competitive rates for borrowers who need financing for their homes. Here are some tips in finding a mortgage broker that will save you time, money and ultimately give you the best deal.

Mortgage Broker AdelaideDirect lenders are mainly banking, credit unions, independent financial institutions and other non-traditional entities that supply mortgages directly to customers, so you will not need to hire a mortgage broker for the process. With such a direct lender, all you need to do is apply for a loan and negotiate the terms and conditions with your lender. You can do this on your own easily for absolutely no cost. However, to receive competitive rates from direct lenders, you must create a good relationship with them. Here are tips in finding a mortgage broker that will benefit you.


Mortgage brokers have their reputations to uphold. Before you choose to work with a broker, you should research the company thoroughly to determine if there have been any complaints filed against it. You should also check the local real estate website to see if any complaints have been lodged against a specific broker. This will help you to ensure that a mortgage broker you want to work with has a good reputation in the industry.

Terms and Conditions

When you talk to lenders, be sure to get all the information regarding the type of interest rate, loan term and closing costs that you will qualify for. Find out the fees you will be required to pay, any penalties and how much of a down payment will be when you buy a house. You should also know what the maximum loan amount you can apply for and the maximum amount you will be able to borrow against your credit. When you compare mortgage brokers, ask about these terms and conditions. Find out whether they offer any guarantees.

Credit Unions

Although most people consider themselves ‘in the know’, some lenders may not be aware that you are applying through a mortgage broker. Most banks and credit unions have an online application form. Most also have a set list of lending institutions that they offer loans to. It pays to shop around to ensure you find the best interest rate. Speak to direct lenders, and do not limit your search to just banks and credit unions. You may be able to secure a low-interest rate or better terms from other lenders.

Financial Situation

If you find a mortgage broker interested in working with, make sure that you understand all aspects of your financial situation. This includes your current debts, income and savings. All mortgages are different, and so are their associated fees. The more information you can provide the mortgage broker with relating to your financial position, the more accurately the advice will be tailored to your needs. For instance, an interest rate that is too high may not be suitable, while an interest rate that is too low could cost the borrower money. Shop around and get as many quotes as possible.

Loan Type

There are several different types of mortgage preapproval loans available to borrowers. These include the traditional mortgage, the no-documentation loan and the flexible mortgage preapproval. The type of loan that a Mortgage Broker Adelaide offers is usually based on their experience in dealing with different lenders. Make sure you discuss your individual needs with several different lenders before making a final decision.

Ask Questions

A Mortgage Broker Adelaide does not always attend the Loan Or Credit Department directly. It pays to ask questions when these third party lenders are involved. Any questions or concerns that a borrower has about their mortgage should be directed towards the loan origination company. A mortgage broker works on commission, so be sure to get all of your questions answered before entering any agreements. When you make a final decision on a loan origination company, make sure that they have a good track record and have a reasonable ratio of satisfied customers to unsatisfied ones.